Brioni Barley Summer Distillation

Here at InchDairnie Distillery we do not use just any malted barley we use different varieties and types of barley which are malted for us by Muntons, at their maltings in Bridlington, England. We use spring barley, planted in the spring time and harvested in the...

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The InchDairnie Sculpture – Time

Scotch Whisky has only four ingredients, water, barley, yeast and time. Time is the most difficult to understand, many things happen over time when the new make whisky is filled into the cask. InchDairnie commissioned Fife born Marion Smith,...

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After an extensive and meticulous development process, completed in 2017, RyeLaw was announced as the first release for InchDairnie. When the distillery was first built, the intention from the start was to push the boundaries of flavour in whisky using a combination...

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